What Guides Us

Safety | Courage | Balance


Reset offers a safe place to connect without judgment. This means your story is confidential and you have the necessary support to heal, learn, and grow.

Together, we will enter into one another’s reality, establish trust, and stay committed to the process. This level of intimacy allows us to be fully known and fully loved.


We understand it takes courage to become who God created you to be. It’s not easy to deal with your past and develop new ways of interacting and being. We will walk alongside you, take risks together, and equip you for the next chapter of your story.


We are a community of people desiring to live in harmony with Jesus, who was vulnerable enough to identify with but strong enough to follow. He offered extravagant grace while remaining oriented toward the truth. He was restful yet fruitful, charismatic yet contemplative, and ministered to the head and the heart. We offer an integrated approach to emotional healing and spiritual growth.