The Reset Retreat is a two-day ministry event designed for you to hear God’s voice and deal with past hurts.

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Reset Together is a 10-week groups-based coaching program to process your story and develop new ways of interacting.

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Process Groups

Process Groups are monthly meetings of 4-6 individuals who gather for the purpose of sharing concerns, providing accountability, and offering encouragement.

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Coaching provides an individualized approach to personal, relational, and spiritual growth.

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Life Groups

Life Groups offer weekly gatherings to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with God and people.

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To learn to live and love like Jesus, we must surround ourselves with people who will hold us accountable to do just that.

People who will give us grace along the way and challenge us to become all God created us to be. We offer retreats, groups, and coaching to help you unpack your story and receive support as you journey towards freedom.

For more information on any of our ministries, please email or call us.