The Retreat Prep Course

“Finding Freedom: the Retreat Prep Course” lays the groundwork for you to hear God’s voice, break free from your past, and discover your true identity in Christ.

God wants to speak to you personally and the Bible makes it clear that you can hear Him. Our first session is intended to help you recognize His voice and receive the full impact of communicating with a God who loves you.


Have you ever found yourself disillusioned at the idea of experiencing lasting change? Freedom is possible if you learn how to identify and avoid the traps of attempting to change yourself. In this session, you’ll discover God’s provision and strategy for changing your life from the inside out. Lasting change comes from aligning with God’s voice in the deepest parts of who you are and understanding your place in God’s family.

Jesus came to undo the works of the evil one, reconnect us to our source, and give us “life to the full.” Since the garden, Satan’s plan has been to deceive us into believing we can do life on our own strength and understanding. In this session, learn how to connect to the source of true freedom and avoid substitutions that keep you in bondage.

In this session, we discover how embracing brokenness is essential to mending the soul and becoming all God created us to be. When we suffer, we must understand the true cause of our suffering. If we don’t diagnose our pain properly, we will apply the wrong remedy and delay the growth process. We can do a lot of damage and extend the pain, when we apply the wrong remedy to ourselves or others.

In our final session, we learn three keys to releasing the Holy Spirit within us. Discover how full surrender, agreement with God’s voice, and spiritual authority are weapons in the transformation process.

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