Reset Retreat

Your life experiences affect who you are on the inside and everything you do, and sometimes life’s difficult experiences can leave you in a rut. The Reset Retreat helps you have an encounter with God to uncover what’s keeping you stuck so you can experience lasting change. The two-day ministry event includes teaching, live worship music, and experiences to help you unpack your story and receive the grace and truth necessary for true freedom.

Before attending the retreat, we strongly encourage you to watch “Finding Freedom: the Retreat Prep Course.” Each session lays the groundwork for you to hear God’s voice, break free from your past, and discover your true identity in Christ.

Topics include: Hearing God’s voice, establishing true identity, moments of guided prayer, freedom through forgiveness, ending negative life patterns, understanding grace, healing parent wounds, understanding spiritual warfare, overcoming toxic thought patterns, breaking unhealthy relational ties, releasing shame, your helper the Holy Spirit.

Our next retreat is September 20/21, 2024. We are excited to add a Live Art Experience with William Butler to our upcoming retreat. Registration is now open.

  • Frequency: Two times per year (September and March)
  • Duration: Two days (Friday evening and all-day Saturday)
  • Prerequisite: Attendees are strongly encouraged to watch or attend “Finding Freedom: the Retreat Prep Course” (Five sessions)

What People Are Saying

“Absolutely amazing… such a refreshing, great time with God and finding our identity in Him”
“This was amazing. God met me right where I was and talked to me about stuff I didn’t even know was there.”
“The Reset Retreat was off the charts! I am so blown away by it!”

“A most genuine move of God’s spirit… so grateful to share in these moments this weekend.”

“The most amazing part was the Holy Spirit. It was incredible. I will never be the same.”
“Came away with a renewed energy for seeking Jesus Christ in every part of our lives, and waging the daily war against the spiritual battles we’re in. Praises to your team!”
“If you ever get a chance you MUST ATTEND A RESET RETREAT! You will leave a changed person! It was the best weekend of my life.”
“I’m bringing 100 people next time.”
“Reset has ‘chosen the better part, and it will not be taken away from her’! You guys are laser-focused on the center of the Father’s heart.”
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