When something is truly conceived of God – a relationship, a calling, a business, a ministry – the enemy opposes it fiercely while it is still in its infancy. He understands that it’s much easier to defeat a newborn than a fully mature man.

We see this in the life of Moses and again with Jesus. The Opposer sought to kill them both before their ministries even began. He did the same thing with the early church in the book of Acts. Satan’s tactic is to kill a thing before it even begins.

Satan uses this same tactic to oppose our careers, callings, relationships, and spiritual growth. The enemy attacks the hardest when his opponents are most vulnerable, in infancy.

Once a work is thoroughly established, its roots are able to run deeper and withstand any storm that comes its way.

We know that “God watches over his word to perform it” (Jer 1:12), and Satan watches over God’s word to oppose it. If the enemy opposes a new thing in your life – something truly authored by God – take it as a sign. Satan is opposing what lies in front of you and the power that stands behind you.

Satan always overplays his hand and God always has His way.

Every moment of opposition will only serve to make you stronger and more equipped for the journey. Cooperate with God during the season of opposition to allow the Holy Spirit to refine your character. And be encouraged! The struggle will serve to make you stronger.

Carissa Raderstorf