Have you ever felt confused about who was speaking to you, God or the devil?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions by believers. Why? Because Satan doesn’t speak to us in some ominous voice that sends shivers down our spine – he imitates the voice of God.

Satan knows that, as Christians, we are seeking God’s guidance. We desire to hear from Him, so Satan uses that to his advantage by dropping ideas around us that sound like something God might say, based on our understanding of who God is.

For example, if you view God as a harsh judge who is just waiting for you to mess up, Satan might send condemning thoughts your way and heap shame upon you the moment you make a mistake. Then, you might think that is the Holy Spirit and feel so ashamed that you distance yourself from God.

We can avoid falling into this trap by getting to know God’s character and discerning the intentions behind whatever is being said.

If it’s coming from God, the intention will always be to draw you closer to Him; both relationally and in your character, but in a loving and gentle way. Satan, however, wants to make you too ashamed to talk to God, too busy to spend time with Him, too discouraged to step out in faith, and too frantic to experience God’s peace.

Next time you’re wondering who it is, ask yourself: Is this a voice that is drawing me closer to Christ? Or is it a voice that is making me want to run away?

Carissa Raderstorf