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It may be difficult to admit, but none of us have life totally figured out. In process groups, 4-7 individuals meet with a trained facilitator for the purpose of sharing concerns, providing accountability, and meeting one another’s needs. There isn’t a specific topic for each group session, but members are encouraged to bring personal concerns to the group that they feel are important. The group provides multiple sources of support, encouragement, perspective, and feedback. Process Groups are a powerful experience for cultivating self-awareness, strengthening character, and developing interpersonal skills. Process Groups are offered once per month.

  • Frequency: Two times per year
  • Prerequisite: Completion of Reset Together. Process Groups begin the month after Reset Together ends.
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What People Are Saying About The Reset Retreat

I lead a non-profit organization in Flagstaff AZ devoted to those experiencing homelessness.  We took our leadership team to the Reset Retreat at Reset Ministries.  It was off the charts beautiful, healing, life transforming and some will never be the same. Everyone needs to spend time devoted to deep inner healing with the Holy Spirit.  This will become part of everything we do going forward. God wants to see His people set free and totally healed. Few are gifted in this sort of work. Reset Ministries is comprised of called apostolic leaders who have no agenda but God’s! Run… don’t walk to the next retreat.

Kathie Knapp, CEO at Sunshine Rescue Mission & Hope Cottage

The Reset Retreat was off the charts! I am so blown away by it!!


A most genuine move of God’s spirit… so grateful to share in these moments this weekend.


Came away with a renewed energy for seeking Jesus Christ in every part of our lives, and waging the daily war against the spiritual battles we’re in. Praises to your team!


This was amazing. God met me right where I was at and talked to me about stuff I didn’t even know was there.


If you ever get a chance you MUST ATTEND A RESET RETREAT! You will leave a changed person! It was the best weekend of my life.


I’m bringing 100 people next time.


Reset Ministries is run by people with some of the greatest integrity and love I’ve ever seen. In every encounter I’ve had with them, love saturates every interaction. They communicate with clarity and bring everything back to being rooted in the Word of God and trauma-informed healing work. I can’t recommend them highly enough and hope to bring them to Michigan someday!


The most amazing part was the Holy Spirit. It was incredible. I will never be the same.


Absolutely amazing… such a refreshing, great time with God and finding our identity in Him

I have worked under and beside the leadership of Reset for 8 years. One thing I know: there is only a love and desire for ALL to be healed and set free!  Reset Ministries is about finding hope in all that feels lost. It is about growth, healing, and being set free from the lies of the enemy. Reset represents God in all things. Learn to hear from God and let go of the hidden hurts of your past and present through the leadership and ministry of Reset Ministries! The facilitators have the empathy, wisdom, and training necessary to lead others into deep healing.

Cherie, Professional Therapist