God created every one of us to have deep, meaningful connections with other people.
We need people with whom we can talk, laugh, and express emotions openly.

People who can celebrate with us in the good times and those we can lean on when life gets hard.

If the right people aren’t meeting our relational and emotional needs, we might turn to the wrong people instead.

This is why it is vital that we know how to identify safe people we can count on to meet our emotional needs versus unsafe people who leave us in a deficit instead.

The book of Proverbs describes these two types of people as “wise” and “foolish.” A wise person operates under God’s reign of love, putting Christ and others before themselves. On the other hand, a person who acts foolishly is often driven by their impulsive desires, seeking only personal gain.

Check out our free resource on how to identify the difference between safe (wise) people and unsafe (foolish) people:

Carissa Raderstorf