Every person has multiple callings from God on their life. The first and most important is God’s calling for us to enter into a relationship with Him and to share Him with the world. 

But God also calls us into specific, personal tasks that are meant to advance His kingdom while bringing us a deep sense of satisfaction.

Many Western churches can place a lot of pressure on these callings, leaving us feeling as though we are missing out. Or that God has overlooked us if we aren’t aware of what God wants us to do

And maybe that’s where you find yourself today. Wondering why all these other people seem to know what God wants them to do in this life, but you’re still sitting with a big, red question mark over your head.

I want to share two reasons why you may have found yourself here. The first is that callings come from God, and no amount of soul-searching is going to reveal it to you any sooner than He wants you to know it

You might get on the right path, but only God can reveal the specific kingdom tasks He has for you. So, much of the time, you don’t know what your calling is, simply because God hasn’t chosen to reveal it to you yet. But He will in His perfect timing.

The second reason you might not know, however, is that you do know, deep within your spirit, but you’ve either subconsciously or consciously rejected it

There are many reasons why we might do this – from feeling unworthy or inadequate to feeling afraid of what will happen when we step out into our callings. 

In this video, we take a deeper look into why we reject God’s callings and the truths that set us free from these obstacles.

Author: Amber Dilday